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Usually six months after a game's release the publisher abandons it and moves on to something else, unless it's Call of Duty or an MMO type game. Well that's not Nintendo's motto. They're still pumping out new stuff for Super Mario Maker ranging from special costumes to brand new difficulty settings, all to expand the game's replay values.

Shacknews did an overview of the new content for the latest update for Super Mario Maker, and it includes an all new “Super Expert” mode as part of the 100-Mario Challenge. This mode will enable players to categorize their levels under the “Super Expert” difficulty and in doing so those levels will become part of the 100-Mario Challenge.

The neat part about it is that the new difficulty actually comes with some rewards. If players are able to beat the 100-Mario Challenge on “Super Expert” they will be able to unlock up to five new Mystery Mushroom costumes. It's really cool how Nintendo has made it where even when creating custom content and playing custom content in Super Mario Maker there's still something to unlock. According to the Shacknews article there are also three new costume rewards that can also be unlocked when completing levels between the Normal difficulty and the Expert difficulty. So if you don't quite have the skill to conquer Super Expert, you can still unlock some goods between the Normal and Expert settings.

They also have two brand new items that can drastically change the way levels are, including the “Key” item, which is the traditional big golden key from the Super Mario series. The Key works in connection with a new locked door item. Players can hide the Key around a level and then when used on the door it can be used to access an all new part of the level. What's more is that it's possible to attach the Key to enemies. What would be the point of doing that? Well, you can have it setup where character might work as a boss and you'll have to defeat them to get the Key and unlock the door.

The Key also works in conjunction with the new Pink Coin item, which can be made in the Create Mode by shaking a normal coin. If players collect all the Pink Coins in a stage it will cause a Key to appear, which can then be used to access new areas.

They also added a brand new skewer obstacle, which can be made to appear by shaking the Thwomp item in Create Mode, and they've added Professor E. Gadd from the Luigi Mansion games. They also added a new Daisy costume that can be unlocked by playing through the Adventures in Sarasaland Event Course.

They've also updated the Super Mario Maker website to include level searching using smart devices like a phone or tablet. It's also possible to check the world records for the levels through the Super Mario Maker website. It's interesting that they're keeping that website updated but they're shutting down the Mario Kart TV website in early April. I guess gamers are really making use of the website for Super Mario Maker?

If you own the game the latest update is available right now and you can start messing around with the new items, costumes and difficulty settings.