Famed game designer known for making Final Fantasy a trademark name during the golden era of Square is hard at work promoting his new title for Nintendo's Wii, The Last Story. Designed by Mistwalker Studios, Hironobu Sakaguichi's The Last Story just received a new trailer directed by Sakaguichi-san himself and features the music from renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu.

The Last Story is currently available in PAL territories for the Nintendo Wii while XSeed Games will be publishing the game Stateside. You can check out the launch trailer that Sakaguichi directed himself below.

While the trailer doesn't really reflect all of the game's features that well, it goes without saying that this is one of the more unique RPGs released this gen. It sports online multiplayer, real-time combat and a completely different take on the typical role-playing grind featured in other RPGs.

XSeed has yet to clarify on when the game will arrive here in North America but I'm sure core RPG fans will love the game (assuming they still have a Wii) when it finally arrives.

You can pick up a copy of the game if you live in Europe or visit the Official Website to learn more.

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