Rivaling the apocalyptic likes of The Last of Us and I Am Alive, I Shall Remain is a survival game set in a post-war setting. A new gameplay trailer was purposefully leaked to the public featuring zombies picking up weapons and using them against you.

ISR Team supposedly let loose a trailer that wasn't officially approved by the producer (even though it was) and they're working hard to finish the game and they're doing what they can to spread the word about the top-down ARPG. A free-to-play prologue of the game was released back in January to give gamers a small idea of what to expect from the title, but the newest trailer goes a bit more in depth, showing off how the zombies can turn the tide against you by using weapons laying around in the environment.

The game is still heavy under development and the idea is to release it in episodes, giving gamers various tastes of the game world and environment to experience episodically. If the gameplay pace, weapons and encounters aren't just a rehash of the typical isometric zombie-survival game then it could set itself apart the way DayZ has.

You can learn more about I Shall Remain being developed by the I Shall Remain Team (or ISR Team) by paying a visit to the game's official Desura page. You can also grab a free-to-play demo over at the I Shall Remain Website

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