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You may have heard bits and pieces about the multiplayer in Interstellar Marines including the cooperative modes planned for the game. Well, Zero Point Software's head designer, Kim Haar Jørgensen, revealed some interesting and detailed news about the game's RPG mechanics and the four-player cooperative campaign.

Following up on the revelation that the game is headed to the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade, Kim commented in an interview we conducted with him about the cooperative campaign, saying…
Interstellar Marines has been designed from the ground to feature co-op mechanics, both in terms of mechanics and story as well. When we talk co-op having 27 different weapons, a full range of character skills and a mixture of equipment and base upgrades – we’ve made it so when you complete the game it doesn’t matter how good you are, you can’t get to more than 25 or maybe 30 percent of unlocking all the skills. So going back will enable you to go back and focus on things you maybe didn’t focus on before the first time around, like hacking skills or medical skills, or just upgrading the equipment to have night vision or if you focus on weapon-based upgrades.

It’s pretty cool because the concept is similar to what Gearbox did with Borderlands and the mixture of drop-in and drop-out four-player co-op and at the same time allowing gamers to level up their character and max out stats where the player seen fit. I suppose you can chalk up Interstellar Marines as another Diablo meets Halo attempt, except with more realistic combat structures.

Kim went on to explain some other useful aspects of the cooperative campaign and what gamers can expect from the cooperative structure in terms of length and playability, saying…
…the entire structure of the game – obviously much of this is still on paper – but the entire structure of the game is that we would rather have five or six hours of intense co-op with friends. So you can start on a Friday and finish on a Saturday without anybody losing interest and that has a lot of replay value and incentives for going back – obviously co-op is one of those [incentives].

You can test out some of the gameplay mechanics for Interstellar Marines with Bullseye and Running Man over at the Official Website.

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