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Psst. Hey, you. Yeah, you. The one playing Kid Icarus: Uprising on your snazzy 3DS. I notice those AR Cards you've got there are looking pretty worn out. What would you say if I told you I had a line on some information that says Nintendo will be releasing a whole new set stateside in the coming months? But we can't talk here. Hit that jump so we can keep this chat nice and quite-like.

For those of you who simply can't get enough altered reality, Nintendo will be releasing Series 2 of the Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards featuring new characters, enemies, weapons and items, as well as various in-game locations, at several upcoming U.S. events.

Using the 3DS camera, players can place AR Cards on a flat surface and have various characters and items from the newest Kid Icarus game pop up in the real world. Well, not really. They just look like they're in the real world. Nintendo isn't that amazing...Yet.

You also have the ability to place more than two characters in front of the camera in order to see them do battle. With some of the new location cards in Series 2, you'll also be able to determine the setting for these fights, just in case your kitchen table isn't exciting enough for you.

If you want to get your hands on Series 2, you're going to have to put in a little work. New York residents will be able to attend Kid Icarus: Uprising events at the Nintendo World store beginning tomorrow, Aug. 3, and then every Friday following from 6-8 p.m. Eastern time. Just show up and ask for the cards and they're yours. Nintendo will also be giving out Series 2 packs during play events across the country later this year, though no details have yet been released.

If you happen to be attending Penny Arcade Expo or New York Comic-Con, you'll also be able to pick up Series 2 AR Cards simply by dropping by Nintendo's booth. Supplies will be limited, so you might want to make that stop a high priority on your to-do list.

If you miss out on that handful of opportunities, your best bet for snagging a set of the cards will likely be ebay, where you'll most likely need to fork over ridiculous amounts of money for the things. Or you might be able to print them off yourself. There's always that option.

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