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We've kind of known for a while that Tripwire Interactive was slowly building toward a Killing Floor 2. There were a few hair-pulling restrictions in the original game that frustrated me to the point of moseying over to GMod, but a lot of that is being addressed in the upcoming release of Killing Floor 2.

Tripwire recently sent out a press release for the multiplayer, cooperative shooting game that centers around arena-style survival maps where players have to kill “zeds” to rack up enough coin to buy bigger guns in order to kill even bigger, badder monsters. Think of it as Call of Duty's zombie mode but a little more small scale and a lot more teammate oriented.

Alan Wilson, Vice President of Tripwire Interactive commented about the game's announcement, saying...
"We've all had a huge amount of fun over the last 5 years with Killing Floor. The community has done so much with it, we've done so much to it, run so many special events - and we've learned so much,” ... “Now we're taking all of that - and cranking it to 11 for KILLING FLOOR 2. It's a lot of work, but it will be a blast!"

The game boasts a minimum of 6 player co-op maps (though with mods, it's likely some larger maps will support up to 16 players like in the original Killing Floor), there are brand new ways to set off slow-motion, gory deaths, as the mutilation factor has been ratcheted up by a few degrees.

New zeds will make an appearance, new weapons – ranging from military standards to far-fetched sci-fi weapons – as well as new perks will also be available for players to experience.

The most exciting new feature of the game is the overhauled melee system. Now this is what tingles my Tommies, jingles my Jimmies and rings my Russells, as the biggest drawback in the gameplay of the first game was the disappointing melee combat. With the melee getting a lot more love this time around I can definitely say that I'm genuinely excited for this game.

While the teaser above doesn't really give you any sort of information about the gameplay or mechanics, PC Gamer managed to get an exclusive look at the game and rolled out a very detailed two page preview for the upcoming game.

It's well worth checking out for a lot of little details that aren't covered in the teaser trailer or the press release.

Given that Killing Floor 2 had already surfaced some time ago on the Steam database app, it's not surprising that we're seeing the game finally get an announcement after spending a year on the database app, all alone.

Tripwire also made it known that all their newer games, which includes Killing Floor 2, will natively support SteamOS, which means this could end up being a prime-time launch title for the Steam Machines, which are due out this fall.

Let the good times roll.

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