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Nothing says “Valentine’s Day” quite like having your heart forcefully ripped from your chest. Which is exactly what gamers can experience for themselves now that The Last of Us’ story-expanding DLC, “Left Behind,” has officially launched for the PS3.

For those readers who have played The Last of Us, you’ll recall that Ellie occasionally brought up her old friend, Reilly, but only in vague, depressing terms. We know something bad went down involving Ellie and her old chum and, with Left Behind, we can finally experience that story firsthand.

This being The Last of Us, and already having a pretty good understanding that things did not go well for the two ladies, you should go into Left Behind fully prepared to experience all of the feels. It’s some kind of sick, twisted joke, then, that developer Naughty Dog specifically decided to time this bit of downloadable content to come out on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re spending the day of love with someone special or not, you can expect to have the old blood pumper kicked around the living room for a few hours while experiencing the world-crushing devastation of a beautiful friendship. Thanks, Naughty Dog! I’m totally emotionally prepared for this roller coaster of pain and loss!

Naughty Dog today released a brand new trailer for the Left Behind DLC, which you can conveniently watch at the top of this post. If, like me, you played The Last of Us about a year ago, then you’ll definitely want to check this out. There’s nothing I would call a spoiler for the Left Behind content here, but it does do a nice job or showing some scenes from the game proper to help remind players what, exactly, the setup for this DLC was.

For those of you who still haven’t played The Last of Us, Naughty Dog Creative Director Neil Drckmann spoke to the game’s continued success as of late in the trailer posting, mentioning honors received at the Annie Awards, the Writers Guild Awards, the D.I.C.E. Awards and “more than 230 game of the year” nods from various websites and publications. Sort of a victim of its own success, it’s become popular as of late to hate on The Last of Us, with many calling it little more than an interactive movie. Since we’re encouraged to break from typical journalistic form and editorialize here, I’d just like to say that those people have an odd idea of what makes a video game great, and hope they enjoy First-Person Shooter 387 when they’re not leading an otherwise cold, unfeeling an utterly boring existence…Too harsh?

For those of you who like figures, The Last of Us Left Behind is going for $15 bucks starting today, and the download size is a whopping 5 GB. But that says nothing for the emotional costs you’re likely to play after the credits finally roll.

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