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The latest entry in the Walking Dead's video game series is No Man's Land, and it's a mobile offering. 

The first trailer for No Man's Land is a look at the gritty world of the massively popular series that follows the zombie apocalypse. It also features Daryl Dixon himself (Norman Reedus) narrating the clip, showing off some of the carnage going on within. 

Looks like players will be squaring off against hungry zombies in the wreckage of the world that was left after humans were lost to the zombie plague, a turn-based strategy game that'll no dobut run on timers and the free-to-play trappings we're used to. 

The Next Games production is being billed as the "official game" of The Walking Dead and will be released this October, and features Daryl of course, with his crossbow and his signature greasy hair on the icon. While it'll likely appeal to most of the crowds who eat this show up, it's in dire need of something meatier than another mobile strategy game that's likely going to remain free-to-play. It even resembles similar offerings that were released before this game was announced, but that's not saying anything new for some mobile games these days. 

Telltale Games' excellent adventure game series should be the flagship runner here, especially given its propensity to cull real emotion from players rather than just the zombie carnage, strategic moves, and free-to-play friendly ideas shared within this trailer. The tale of Clementine and Lee in Telltale's adventure is a timeless one, and it focuses far more on the human drama behind the zombies, which is why The Walking Dead is such a fantastic comic and television series to begin with. 

I'm all for shooting zombies in the head and painting the walls with their brain matter, but when it comes to telling a story with video games, especially nuanced narratives like The Walking Dead, we should be aiming higher. Perhaps this game itself will feature some exciting additions to the series, or at the very least you'll be able to create and customize your own characters. To me, that's one of the most interesting parts of licensed spinoffs, where you can create personalities to join in that wouldn't normally be a part of the bigger picture. 

The Walking Dead hasn't had the greatest luck with video game adaptations thus far, so we'll have to see more of this game in particular before passing judgment, but I'd like to see a new Telltale series instead, focusing on the characters from the comic and the TV series instead of mobile carnage. But that's just me. How about you? 

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