You know what there isn’t enough of these days? Large amounts of money for being pretty decent at playing video games. Thankfully, iNCEPTIONAL has decided to change all that when it comes to their latest iOS game, Light Hero, offering up to $100,000 to a player who manages to clear 100 percent of the game, opposite of some games that charge you more attain the 100 percent factor.

A vertically-scrolling shooter for mobile, Light Hero recently received a content update that offers all new levels, expanded gameplay mechanics and, as I mentioned, the chance to win a truckload of money courtesy of iNCEPTIONAL just for completing the game.

Light Hero is a retro style arcade space shooter where the goal is to collect as much of the valuable space mineral Phosphorium as possible while switching your charge state to match the mineral’s or risk short-circuiting your ship,” reads a press release from the developer. “Blast your way through the asteroid belt avoiding giant rocks and maneuvering past black holes that suck in everything including your bullets, asteroids and even your ship with their gravitational pull. Discover alternate dimensions and fight against an unknown alien enemy. Maybe even face off against the Almight K.”

Light Hero features 18 levels to dig into on iOS, as well as 18 alien dimensions to explore. There’s also an Infinite Mode to compete for high scores, all with a simplistic two-touch control sceme.

If that sounds like a good time, or perhaps you could use an extra $100,000, then you might want to invest $1.99 in Light Hero over on iTunes.

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