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If you’ve subscribed to Loot Crate in the past but weren’t impressed with their Doctor Who-themed crate, well there’s something else hitting the monthly subscription market. Popular subscription service, Loot Crate, announced today at PAX South they are launching a monthly subscription service for gamers which will include monthly crates full of gamer-themed gear.

Loot Crate is an extremely popular service who was one of the first to ignite the trend in monthly subscription boxes. It includes a number of geeky gear ranging from popular television shows, anime, movies, comic books and video games. The new service, titled “Loot Gaming,” will focus primarily on video game-themed material. Loot Crate CEO Matthew Arevalo told GameSpot,
...we're going to be working closer with more developers and publishers, learning what fans want, and working on getting exclusive items for the Loot Gaming crate.

Arevalo told GameSpot that what differentiates the Loot Gaming crate from the Loot Crate is that gaming items featured in the Loot Gaming crate will not be featured in the original Loot Crate, but that gaming items will still be sent in the original crate.

Recently, Loot Crate launched another new themed crate, centered around geeky items for pets. It seems Loot Crate is on a roll in unveiling newly-themed subscription services under the umbrella of the Loot Crate name—and we are totally on board with that.

You can sign up for Loot Gaming at the Loot Crate website. It will cost you $25 a month and will be launching officially sometime this spring.