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Nintendo announced today that the 3DS exclusive Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will feature local and online multiplayer. This makes Dark Moon the first game in the series to have a multiplayer component.

In Hunter mode, up to four players journey into the monster-filled ScareScraper together. They have to work together to clear each floor before the timer runs out. The team can earn bonuses based on their performance.

The difficulty and size of the ScareScraper can be adjusted in the options. The ScareScraper can be between 5 and 25 floors tall. Regardless of how large the tower is, there will be a boss fight waiting at the top.

Dark Moon will support Download Play. This means that only one player needs to have a copy of the game in order for a group of friends to play together. The players who don't own the game will presumably have some sort of restrictions but Nintendo didn't mention them in the press release.

Nintendo will release Dark Moon on March 24th in North America. The game will be available through retail stores and in digital form through the Nintendo eShop.