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Rising action star Luke Goss had a sit-down interview recently to talk about the latest film in the Death Race franchise, Death Race 3: Inferno, and during the discussion talks about a Death Race video game made it into the conversation and Luke Goss, admitting that he's a huge PlayStation 3 gamer, would love to see a “well done” video game franchise that ties in with the Death Race movie.

GamerHub.tv managed to get hold of Goss and throw a few questions his way regarding the movie, working on the set and experiencing all the grit of the death-racing action. One of the questions hovered over a Death Race video game, and you can check out Goss's reponse at the 3:05 mark.

Some gamers have commented that a Death Race video game would pretty much be Twisted Metal, however I disagree. Twisted Metal is an arena combat game with vehicles, where-as the Death Race signature is an actual race to a finish line with deadly armament, similar to the old Death Race arcade games and that recent PC title Gas Guzzlers.

Still, being able to outfit a vehicle and curb-stomp through the competition with high-explosive rockets and 30mm Gatling guns would be pretty cool, especially doing tag-team races online. Man, how awesome would it be with someone running offense while your buddy goes for the line? Shaking and baking to the finish line while leaving a wake of destruction in your path and twisted metal in your rear-view mirror would be epic.

So how about it, would you buy a Death Race game if it was done right?