The headline isn’t sensationalized one darn bit. In fact, the original headline would probably get every gamer (casual and hardcore with a dash of common sense) riled up and ready to hurl insults at the group of people making such idiotic statements. Let’s take things a bit slowly first and explain how this all started.

According to an article on NYDailyTimes, multiple anti-violent video game parent groups have stepped up their proactive movements to keep kids safe from potentially psychologically harmful or violent video games. Now, I’ve got no beef with those concerns. It’s perfectly fine to run an organization and bring to a parent’s awareness the harm a violent, M-Rated game can bring to young child.

However, things were vastly blown out of proportion when the self-righteous and moralistically bloated Dr. David Walsh, president of the National Institute on Media and the Family commented that, "In the past, the Wii has successfully sold itself as being the gaming console for the entire family and a way to bring family-game nights back into people’s living rooms," He went on to say, "Unfortunately, Nintendo opened its doors to the violent video game genre”.

I apologize to gamers who agree with the good Doctor, but I find Dr. Walsh’s statements to be obscenely obtuse, fascist and demographically ignorant for the millions of gamers worldwide who wouldn’t mind a little blood and guts in their interactive gaming appetite. If any gamer over 18 decides to a buy a Wii and decides to play a violent video game, why should Nintendo stand-guard for Walsh and co., to blockade that option?

While the argument for safe-guarding the youth worldwide from mature content is a well regarded argument, it doesn’t give Walsh and his fascist group of censor-tyrants to dictate what people should and shouldn’t be allowed to play on the console they bought.
Stating that it’s “Unfortunate” for Nintendo to have opened the doors to violent video games is like saying it’s unfortunate novels contain sex, drug content or real-life depictions of adult situations. It’s equally as appalling as claiming that films should be without anything that pushes the rating above PG.

"The Wii platform has such a family-friendly reputation, and "MadWorld" is clearly not a family-friendly game," says Walsh. "We think it is important to alert parents that certainly not all Wii games are appropriate for kids."

Apparently he knows so very little about the gaming market to depict the Wii as a kiddie-only console. I guess it’s a good thing people like him don’t run the country, eh?

You can read the entire article here. It's chock-full of quotes that further blurs the lines of video game violence and desensitized behavior.

Nevertheless, as a royal “screw you” to David Walsh, Jack Thompson and every other anti-violent group that refuses to do a little research on the gaming market at large (you might want to start here), we’ll have our review of MadWorld up shortly, fascist free.

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