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Majesco Announces Drama Queens For Nintendo DS

Majesco just announced that they are publishing the tween girl targeted game, Drama Queens, developed by Sensory Sweep for the Nintendo DS. Now, I had originally decided to post about how these games are nothing but utter crap that pander to the lowest common denominator and yet they sell more than brilliant games like Valkyria Chronicles ever will, but after reading the press release, the actual concept of this game sounds familiar.

From the press release, Majesco claims that in Drama Queens, players assume the role of one of four girls, each with her own personality and special attributes. As their chosen character, players spin the game wheel to advance her through the 3D board game environment that offers options at every branching path. Should she further her career by working towards the big promotion, build her relationships by going shopping with girlfriends or focus on finding that one true love?. It sounds like a tween'd up and slightly edited version of Milton Bradley's LIFE, which I'm a huge fan of.

Ok, I'm going to be perfectly honest here; I'm more than willing to overlook many things about a game, including its horrible color palate and the tasteless messages it sends, if the core game play mechanics are good. I've got Hannah Montana: Music Jam for the Nintendo DS because it has the best DS music creation software outside of KORG-DS. Yes, it's even better (way better) than Jam Sessions. I guess I'll find out when Drama Queens gets released this Spring if I'm a moron for falling for the hype.