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Mario Kart Wii Gets New Arena

Mario Kart Wii has put Nintendo potentially into some new territory. The kart racer has received the first downloadable content of any Wii title. Or at least that’s what we’re led to believe. The new Super Mario Galaxy battle arena may have been on the disc waiting for an unlock code. If this is the start of something wonderful and new I hope Nintendo has bold storage plans to announce at E3 this year.

The Galaxy battle arena will be available until June 9th, and is part of the current tournaments happening within the game. While the arena looks decent, it’s actually kind of lame to play on. I’d hoped, when I heard about this, that there would be some gravity defying portions that would blow us all away. The goal here is to simply knock over those spinning spiky Topmen from Galaxy.

And this is only available in tournament mode, so no chance to get online and play against your friends. Which again leads one to question whether this is actually DLC or not.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.