The first week of August offers a handful of new titles for both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, but nothing that’s likely to set the world on fire. Get ready for some semi-old-school Mega Man action and a bunch of smaller titles to pad out the roster.

This is kind of a bummer, as I was starting to get used to a big game or two hitting Nintendo consoles on the regular. There’s little to write home about this week but, seeing as this is my job, I will at least be writing to you fine folks, the readers.

First up, and likely the only game to garner a few cheers of excitement, is Mega Man Battle Network for the Wii U Virtual Console. This one will set you back $8, and takes players on a twisting, turning journey through the Blue Bombers universe in the form of a tactical RPG. This spin-off series for the Game Boy Advance garnered quite a following back in the day, eventually resulting in six titles. The game also managed to spawn a somewhat successful television cartoon that aired Saturday mornings, back when these sort of things really mattered. Check out the trailer below.

Sadly, Nintendo still refuses to budge on bringing GBA titles to the 3DS (You know, where they would make a heck of a lot of sense to be made available), so if you’re looking to jack into the Battle Network, the only way to do so will be through the Wii U. This is probably highly disappointing for anyone who was desperately looking instead to get their hands on these titles on one of Nintendo's newer portable devices, but something is better than nothing, right?

A trio of eShop titles will be joining Mega Man in the new release section this week, including Frederic: Resurrection of Music, IQ Test and XType Plus. If you’ve got a handful of dollars lying around and anything there sounds like it’ll be right up your alley then, by all means, have yourself a grand ole time.

Over to the 3DS and things aren’t exactly heating up alongside the summer weather. The major release this week is Lego Ninjago: Nindroids, which is likely only going to get your heartbeat racing if you’re, say, 12 years or younger. You can swipe that this week for 30 smackers. That's not too bad.

Okay, if I drop at least a little bit of the (admittedly deserved) snark, that trailer actually didn’t look half bad. The gameplay looks varied and I’m always down for a good beat-em-up title. Let us know in the comments section if this latest Ninjago title is worth a gander.

Also arriving this week is Steel Empire for the 3DS Virtual Console, as well as Tangram Attack on the eShop.

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