It’s time for your weekly batch of new content for the Nintendo family of consoles and, this week, classic titles including Pac-Man, Mega Man and Balloon Fight are making an appearance.

We’ll kick things off this week with the Wii U Virtual Console. First up is 1987 Nintendo Entertainment System legend, Mega Man. This is the original version of the game, so don’t expect any snazzy new graphics or a remixed soundtrack. First of all, the game looks just fine the way it is and that soundtrack still holds up today. As the Blue Bomber, you’ll help Dr. Light take on six Robot Masters, the evil creations of the dastardly Dr. Wiley. And by help, I mean you’ll be doing all the damn work yourself.

Also hitting the Wii U Virtual Console this week is the original Pac-Man. Eat dots, swipe fruits and avoid ghosts as you navigate the yellow hero through countless mazes. If you don’t know the drill when it comes to Pac-Man at this point, you really shouldn’t be bothering to read this.

Next up is the Nintendo 3DS eShop, which is offering up BearShark. Based on the hit animated series, players take on the role of Steve, who must run, swim and jump his way through oodles of levels in order to become the top of the food chain.

The 3DS Virtual Console is also getting an update this week in the form of the NES strategy flier (if that’s even a genre), Balloon Fight.

Finally, Nintendo will be offering up some sales this week, starting with the 3DS/Wii U eShop, where you can get Pushmo, 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure, Dillon’s Rolling Western, Fluidity: Spin Cycle and Tokyo Crash Mobs on sale through May 9. Art of Balance TOUCH!, Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH!, Nano Assault Neo and Nano Assault EX will also be marked down by 30 percent through May 9.

Finally, the Marvel Pinball tables for Zen Pinball 2 will be marked down by 50 percent. Once again, you have until May 9 to make good on the reduced price tag.

For more details, visit the Nintendo eShop official website.

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