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One of the many new games announced for the Nintendo 3DS is Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The game was first introduced during the 2015 Nintendo World Championships but it didn't get a proper introduction until Nintendo's own E3 Direct.

GamesHQ Media tossed up the trailer that aired during the Nintendo E3 Direct and it features just under a minute of cinematics and gameplay for Nintendo's handheld 3DS.

As the trailer reveals, the game is a four-player cooperative, first-person action adventure title. It allows up to four people to battle together to fight off the legions of... well... I'm not really sure what sort of legions they're fighting off, but it appears as if they're working well together to fight a bunch of hostile aliens on different planets.

The setup looks very similar to Star Wars: Republic Commando, where it was kind of a spin-off from the main Star Wars canon and focused on a group of Republic Commando clones who would venture the galaxy and fight on behalf of the Republic.

One of the things that makes it hard to decipher is whether or not the game will have progressive level design. Many of the short snippets of gameplay focused solely on the boss fights or a few minions being scrubbed out pretty quick from blaster fire, but there was hardly any sort of descriptive detail put into the game's level layouts, mission structures or play mechanics.

As you can imagine, the comments on the YouTube video pretty much sum up what most Metroid fans are thinking, by asking “WTF is this?”

Metroid was definitely one of the games that the staff here at Gaming Blend felt would make an appearance at E3 – a new title in the works would be perfect fodder for a holiday season launch, especially to help boost the Wii U's appeal and help get it back in the running, but that's not what happened.

Instead, we get a supplemental Metroid spin-off that looks more like a hold-me-over game than an actual, proper entry in the long running and illustrious franchise starring Samus Aran, who seems to be spending majority of her time these days on the Super Smash Bros circuit.

In addition to the four-player cooperative campaign missions, Metroid Prime: Federation Force also includes a competitive multiplayer sports mode. It features a ball game that two sides will participate in and play out like a giant version of soccer with blaster cannons.

The 3-on-3 Blaster Ball mode sees two teams shooting at a giant ball and attempting to get it into the net of the opposing side. It's one of those future-sport concepts that has been featured in many games throughout the years. This Blaster Ball mode was the one that debuted during the Nintendo World Championships.

Many gamers were disappointed that this wasn't a real Metroid game for the Wii U or even the Nintendo 3DS. Nevertheless, the title is due to drop in early 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS.