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Miscrits Of Volcano Island, Open-World Pokemon-Style RPG Goes Live

So people have been begging Nintendo for ages to release a Pokemon MMO but Nintendo just isn't biting. A few fanmade versions of a Pokemon MMO have come online but they're mostly based off the Gameboy versions of the game. Well, Broken Bulb Game Studios wasn't going to wait until the twelfth of never for Nintendo to make a game we've all wanted to play, instead they moved on ahead with Miscrits of Volcano Island, which is basically an open-world, multiplayer RPG designed in the same vein as Pokemon.

Jason Moore, founder and President of Broken Bulb Game Studios briefly mentioned that...“Miscrits of Sunfall Kingdom is the most successful creature collector game on Facebook,” ... “We took that solid base and improved on every aspect and feature of the game.”

Players can scavenge through the Volcano Island to find any of the 400 different and unique Miscrits to collect and horde or to use in head-to-head battles when facing off against other players in the PvP battle mode.

If an online Pokemon game is something you've always wanted to play then you can't really go wrong with trying out Broken Bulb Game's Miscrits of Volcano Island.

You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the Official Website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.