An entire playthrough of chapter 1 for the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge for the Nintendo Wii U has made its way online. The video sports a complete look at the gameplay, gore, bloody violence, specials and attacks that Kasumi will have at her disposal in Ninja Gaiden 3 and it's well worth a watch or two.

The video comes courtesy of YouTube user Sackula, [via Siliconera] and video is part of a series of playthroughs for the upcoming hack-and-slash action title that holds nothing back. The fighting looks pretty slick and it's easy to see just how difficult the game could be if you aren't utilizing the full arsenal of the characters throughout the fight. Check it out below.

You know what's pretty crazy? That video was extremely infectious. It was hard to stop watching it once Kasumi got going. That's the mark of a good game right there...when you can watch someone else play and still get entertained enough to want to see more!

The game is set for release next week, and it will be a real blast seeing the Wii U get hold of a game that exemplifies an attachment to the hardcore gaming audience out there, in addition to ZombiU.

You can learn more about Ninja Gaiden 3 by visiting the official website.

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