A tumbleweed bounces across an empty desert road. Vultures circle overhead. In the distance, a blinding sun peeks out from behind a crag-scarred mountain, illuminating the vast expanse of emptiness below. Welcome to your weekly Nintendo downloads highlights. We’re experiencing a bit of a dry spell.

At this point, I think I’ve hit my annual quota for using the term “summer drought” as it refers to the stretch between July and August bearing damn-near zero gaming fruit to gorge on. So, call it what you will, but there’s very little in the “new” department for Nintendo fans to sink their teeth into this week, totaling a single game for the Wii U and a pair of titles for the 3DS. Thankfully, there are a handful of sales to help fill up those backlogs and keep your thirsty throats parched during these trying times.

If you’re gaming on the 3DS, you can kick things off with Strike Force Foxx, a game in which you fly a helicopter around and try to save citizens from certain destruction, all while pumping bullets into your enemies.

“Take to the air in your helicopter in more than 35 missions to eliminate numerous obstacles, including gunmen, tanks, helicopters, planes, machine-gunning jeeps, heat-seeking missiles, gunboats and submarines,” reads the weekly Nintendo press release. All I can say is, who did you tick off to have that much hardware trying to knock you out of the sky? That seems like overkill for a single helicopter, especially if your main goal is trying to rescue stranded civilians.

The only other title hitting the 3DS this week isn’t exactly a game so much as an art project. It’s called Comic Workshop, and you might be surprised to learn that it’s a suite of tools that allow you to create your own comics. No? You say the name pretty much gave that fact away? Very well, Mr. No-Fun, let’s just continue onto the Wii U, shall we?

The only new title hitting the Wii U Virtual Console this week is Mr. Driller 2 and, even though you’re probably going to ruin my fun and guess what the game is all about based on the name alone, I’m going to dish the details anyway.

“Armed with a mighty drill, dig deep through multicolored blocks until reaching safety,” says the statement from Nintendo. “Not all of the blocks will be breakable, but be careful that the blocks you break don’t fall on you or cut off your air supply. How deep can you dig underground?”

If none of that grabs your fancy, there are a few sales to consider this week. Steam World Dig is half off on the 3DS, as is Little Inferno for the 3DS and Wii U. You could grab escapeVektor for $3.99 on Nintendo’s portable this week, which is the same price and platform for a discounted version of Snow Moto Racing 3D. Finally, an Atlus sale is discounting a bunch of games from the publisher, accessible from its own tab within the 3DS eShop.

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