After one brief week featuring a respectable number of new releases on Nintendo platforms, this week’s batch of updates returns to a slow drip, featuring just three digital releases spread across the Wii U and 3DS. But, hey, at least one of those games is Super C!

Get your mind out of the gutter. Super C stands for Super Contra, the most hipster video game known to man. And why, exactly, would I call it that? Because Super Contra came out on the original NES, not the Super Nintendo, which means it had the word “Super” in its title way before all those other games were doing it.

For run-and-gun fans, Super C needs no real introduction. It’s everything you love about the tough-as-nails shooting series, lovingly bundled into a tidy, 8-bit package. Super C hits the Wii U Virtual Console this week for five bucks, meaning you’ll be able to play it on your big screen TV or just stream it directly to the game pad. That second option is probably more preferable, as NES games sure do look nice on that big handheld screen…And that’ll about do it for the Wii U.

The 3DS is getting double the games as its home console counterpart via the eShop but, sadly, I can’t be all that jazzed for either of them. First up is Spot the Difference, a $5 game in which players look at two very similar scenes and try to, you guessed it, spot the difference. Maybe if I could shoot the differences with a gun, or perhaps stab them with a sword or level them up while adventuring across a grand fantasy realm, I’d be more eager to jump into this one. But if all I’m doing is spotting said differences, well…Moving right along!

Finally for the 3DS, Aeternoblade is finally making its way to the US. The trailer for this game is featured below. It’s going for $15 and, I’ll admit, it looks pretty rad for a cheaper title. Unfortunately, I haven’t heard much good feedback from folks who have actually played this game, so wade in with caution.

This week’s Nintendo update also boasts a couple of discounts for those who aren’t seeing anything in the “new” column to raise their heart rate. Urban Trial Freestyle is still 50 percent off, something I’d actually recommend pulling the trigger on if you’re in the mood for a light but fun trials racing game. There’s also a bunch of new mini-games being added to Spin the Bottle for free so, if you’re one of the 12 people who picked that game up, you might want to look into it.

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