The end of the week means it's time for some new offerings on the Nintendo eShop and, though a bit light this week, there's still some pretty good content on offer. There's also a batch of new Mii Plaza games for those of you with lots of 3DS friends or plenty of Play Coins to fool around with.

This week's Wii U update offers something old and something new, including a pair of Nintendo classics, a pinball game and a game about a racing snail. Both Donkey Kong and the original Metroid hit the Wii U virtual console this week, giving everyone a little NES love for $4.99 a pop. Star Wars Pinball, from the makers of Zen Pinball, if that will affect your purchasing decision, also arrives on the eShop this week for $9.99, along with the movie tie-in game, Turbo: Super Stunt Squad for $39.95. Everything listed above is available starting today except for Turbo, which won't be available until July 16.

Moving over to the 3DS and a similar picture to the Wii U is being painted this week. The NES classic, Super Mario Bros. 2, is available starting today for $4.99. And that's about it for the Virtual Console, sadly. Over to the eShop side of things, though, and the 3DS version of Turbo: Super Stunt Squad will also be available on July 16 for $29.95. If battling monsters in a turn-based RPG is more your speed, then maybe you'd like to try out Shin Megami Tensei 4 once it hits retail and virtual shelves for $49.99 on July 16. And don't forget about the $30 promotion when you buy and register both SMT4 and Fire Emblem.

If (arguably) social games are more your speed, then you'll want to get your hands on the four new offerings being made available in the Mii Plaza. First you'll need to update your 3DS, then head into the Mii Plaza software to get access to the games. After a brief tutorial guiding you through the new changes to Mii Plaza, you'll be given the opportunity to purchase the new games from within the software itself. You can buy each game for $4.99 a pop, or you can get all four games in a discounted bundle for $14.99.

These games include Mii Force, Monster Manor, Flower Town and Warrior's Way. Like Puzzle Swap, Find Mii and Find Mii II before them, you can play these games by either collecting new friends in Street Pass mode, or by spending your precious Play Coins. These games award you with new Tickets for completing objectives, which can then be exchanged for new hats for your Mii character. As a random side note, you can also now add a goofy expression to your Mii character when sharing a private message in Street Pass mode.

I took all of these games for a spin last night and a couple of them aren't too bad. Mii Force is a side-scrolling shooter and Monster Manor is like a puzzle-based dungeon exploration RPG. They're both pretty cute and decently fun to play. Warrior's Way uses your collected Miis in a strategy-based war simulation game that was a half-decent distraction for a few minutes while Flower Town has your friends coming over to help you grow a collection of flowers. Whether or not all of that is worth $15 is up to you.

Grab the Mii Plaza games from within the app and, for everything else, head on over to the eShop and get to downloading.

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