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Summer is a great time to adopt the pirate lifestyle, so it’s a good thing that Luffy and his crew are ready to roll in One Piece Unlimited world Red, the latest game in the long-running series about a mischievous group of scallywags and their ridiculous adventures. You can pick that up on the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS this week, and not much else.

Yes, it’s true, the deluge of new games content has slowed to a trickle these past couple of weeks, giving players a chance to either pick up a handful of less blockbuster-y romps or just dig into their backlog in anticipation of the upcoming fall downpour. Things have actually picked up for Nintendo consoles in recent weeks but, as of today, the drought has officially settled in. Only five games are being launched across both platforms, alongside a handful of sales for those of you who like to game on the cheap.

As stated above, the big draw for the Wii U and 3DS this week is the new One Piece game, Unlimited World Red. Based on the hit manga and anime series that’s been ongoing for the past decade, “this latest installment of the Unlimited series brings Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew on a new adventure with new characters,” according to the official launch announcement. “Dive into a wayfaring journey with fun-flled escapades, action-packed battles and powerful comrades.” The game offers two modes of play, one for single player and another one that boasts a dynamic battle arena mode, for those of you who tire of story-oriented gameplay.

If the pirate’s life isn’t for you, then you’re just about out of luck this week, as the other new releases include The Letter for the Wii U and Me & My Pets 3D and Rabi Laby 3 for the 3DS. I’m sure those games are just dandy but, let’s face it, they all have a pretty niche market that typically doesn’t include core gamers.

There is at least a little bit of relief on the Virtual Console this week as the boys of summer hit the 3DS and Wii U at a most appropriate moment. Bases Loaded, the NES baseball classic, will be available starting this week on the VC, offering 12 teams for payers to customize and take into single games or on a quest for the pennant. If you want to see what the height of sports realism was like about 20 years ago, this is the one to check out.

Finally, this week’s meager crop of Nintendo offerings is beefed up a bit with the inclusion of a few sales. Swords & Soldiers 3D can be yours for $3.99 through July 31, with Jett Rockett II: The Wrath of Taikai marked down to $4.99 until July 24. There’s also a demo for that game on the 3DS this week, for those who are curious. The 3DS is also getting a 30 percent discount on Witch & Hero this week, with the Wii U version of I’ve Got to Run! dipping down by 40 percent until July 13.

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