Q-Games has announced the sixth game in their downloadable PixelJunk series. The upcoming game, simply called PixelJunk 1-6 for now, will be available for the PC through Steam in 2013.

For the most part, each PixelJunk game belongs to a different genre. Past entries in the series have explored the shooter, rhythm, and racing genres among others. There's no guessing what 1-6 will be like, then. All Q-Games will say for now is that it supports co-op for at least 4 players and will have robots.

The first screenshot suggests 1-6 is an action game. It's hard to tell from a still image, though:

PixelJunk 1-6 will differ from previous games in one important respect: the development will be much more transparent. Q-Games has launched a new development blog and will provide weekly updates on the game's production. Expect to see notes, logs, and other assets from the development. The studio will also be taking suggestions from gamers and answering questions.

"PixelJunk 1-6 started as a hobby project by a few of us over a year ago," said the studio. "Working on our weekends and holidays, we couldn’t help but expand on this fun idea. Now we’ve been given the chance to spend some serious time on it and we want you guys to know what we’re making too!"

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