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For those of you looking to bring your pocket monster battles to the virtual space but don’t want to mess around with a computer, or perhaps a classic Game Boy; you’re in luck…So long as you own an iPad, that is. Pokemon Trading Card Game Online launches today for iOS.

As of this writing, Pokemon Trading Card Game Online has not officially hit iTunes but, according to a press release from The Pokemon Company International, it should be up sometime before the clock strikes midnight.

In case you weren’t aware, the physical Pokemon trading card game is still going strong these days, with new expansions and tournaments hitting the scene on a regular basis. A virtual version of the TCG hit the Game Boy back in the 90’s and, much more recently, Pokemon Trading Card Game made its way to the PC/Mac crowd in the form of a free-to-play title.

My only real question is why this took so long to come to fruition. Similar TCG, Magic: The Gathering, has been a successful online card battle game for PC and consoles for years now. And, more recently, Hearthstone captured lightning in a bottle in the same market.

The Pokemon TCG has been around forever, and you’d think The Pokemon Company International would have moved a bit more quickly on getting their own virtual arena up and running. But it’s silly to fret over would haves and could haves. The Pokemon Trading Card Game has done well on PC, there’s a new pair of Pokemon games hitting the 3DS next month and, as of today, the beloved TCG will be available on iPad and iPad Mini.

According to the official launch announcement, the play experience will be very similar to the one available on PC, and the iPad version will offer identical game features, too. You’ll be able to buy new cards, build your own decks, create a custom avatar, enjoy the tutorial, play online battles, trade with your friends and even take on computer-controlled rivals.

“The iPad version of the Pokemon TCG Online makes it even easier for fans to pick up the game and begin playing immediately,” said J.C. Smith, Director of Consumer Marketing at The Pokemon Company International. “We want to provide players with various access points to play and enjoy the Pokemon TCG, whether it’s the traditional tabletop game, PC and Mac version, or the iPad and iPad mini app.”

So, give it an hour or two, then fire up your iPad and get to downloading the game.

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