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Project CARS for the Wii U is now looking like it might be up in the air... or worse yet, as if it might not ever be released. Why? Well, Slightly Mad Studios' head honcho Ian Bell finally came out to set the record straight and Nintendo fans aren't going to like it one bit.

Nintendo Life managed to get in word with Bell, who explained the situation after making some posts about the Wii U version on the Project CARS forums. According to Bell...
Project CARS/Weapons of Mass Development opened funding initially as a Free to Play PC only Racing game. This is when the bulk of the funding arrived. Funding was closed late 2013.

By vote of the members, it changed to a boxed product PC/Xbox 360/PS3 and 'maybe Wii U' game. It was always 'maybe' as we had no knowledge of the system.

It was again changed, by vote of the members, to a PC/Xbox One/PS4 next gen game with still 'maybe Wii U' and Steam OS. The funding, as I said above, was closed long before this.

We still haven't given up on Wii U 100% but if we can't make it work we will move to the next Nintendo machine.

This seems a bit of a departure from how the game was being promoted back before during 2012 and 2013, where many fans were absolutely ecstatic about Nintendo's console being added to the mix of receiving Project CARS. In fact, the Wii U was right up there alongside the PC version in a forum vote as to which system they most wanted to see the game on. The reason for all the Wii U love? Most fans felt as if Nintendo had been abandoned and they wanted to crowd-fund an AAA-quality game to come to the Wii U since many third-party publishers had given up on the system.

While Bell talks a lot about “maybes” I think it's a pretty big slap in the face to fans who put their own money toward the development of a game they were expecting to arrive on a system that's been mostly abandoned by the traditional publishing arm. Worse yet is that people who purposefully put their money toward the game for the Wii U helped pay for the development of the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, which seems like an even bigger slap in the face if the game doesn't come to Nintendo's system.

Previously, Ian Bell mentioned that they would wait to see what Nintendo had to announce at this year's E3 regarding the Nintendo NX. According to Bell, the team hoped that they could port what they've already finished to the Nintendo NX. However, it's been repeatedly mentioned by Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata that the Nintendo NX won't be announced or talked about at this year's E3.

Bell had mentioned that Slightly Mad Studios was eying the Nintendo NX because where Project CARS is running on the Wii U at the moment is around 23fps at 720p. Most gamers have been begging Slightly Mad Studios to just turn down (or off) some of the effects so they can hit 30fps. The architecture of the Wii U is very different from the Xbox One and PS4 in how it processes shaders and graphics, making it very difficult to pull of similar effects on Nintendo's system.

Of course, Ian Bell mentioning that Project CARS is still a “maybe” when it comes to arriving on the Wii U gives gamers a little bit of hope... but not much.

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