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Whenever the Wii U finally launches, it will be accompanied by exclusive platformer Rayman Legends. Legends looks like it will feature the same gorgeous, hand-painted visuals as predecessor Rayman Origins.

In Legends, up to four player traverse the 2D levels together. They'll jump over obstacles and pummel any opponents in their way. The four main characters will be controlled by Wiimotes. A fifth player can join in with the Wii Gamepad and control a little green fairy named Murfy. This player can then help the party out with a variety of touchscreen-activated actions.

The game's said to offer up new challenges for players. Certain levels will be set to music and players will have to jump in tune with the drum, punch along with the bass line, and zip-line during guitar sustains. Other challenges will test your speed. Leaderboards will track the best players in the world.

Legends sounds like it'll be a great party game. The Wii gained a reputation as the superior console for entertaining groups of guests and with games like this, Wii U will have that same rep. Nintendo might gunning to win over hardcore gamers with this new console but I think their bread and butter is going to continue to be family friendly entertainment like this.

Ubisoft maintains that Legends will only be released for the Wii U. Origins, though, was released on multiple consoles and handhelds. Perhaps Legends is merely a timed exclusive for the Wii U?

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