If you're dead-set on picking up the Wii shooter-stabber Red Steel 2, Ubisoft's going to reward you. Today they revealed a special pre-order edition of the game with the following extras:
  • A Red Steel 2 art book : Players will take a voyage through the Red Steel 2 universe with this exclusive 20 pages + 4 cover pages Red Steel 2 art book containing the influences, sketches and drawings made by the Red Steel 2 team.
  • A Red Steel 2 branded metal bullet.
  • Four exclusive in-game weapons :
    • The Tataro .357 Magnum: A prime example of the best of modern western orient craftsmanship, carried by Payne, one of the Red Steel 2 bosses.
    • Cord Industries Barracuda .357 AMP: The perfect weapon for the modern warrior. This is the firearm chosen by the villain of Red Steel 2®.
    • Kuro No Ken - The Sora Katana of the Katakara Clan: Each clan of the great west claims ownership of one of these sora katanas. The Katakara clan claims to have this one: kuro no ken, the black blade. Its strength and fury in battle is said to be unmatched, as is the force it generates. This is the blade wielded by the villain of Red Steel 2®.
    • Nihont? Hana (the Blossom Sword) – the Lost Blade: The most legendary sword forged by Mitsushani Kusagari , the blade is certainly a masterpiece, and no doubt its current owner is blessed with the luck of the gods.

Red Steel is expected in the next couple months. Ubisoft plans to announce the exact release date soon.

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