You know that giant blocky piece of plastic that comes with the Wii U called the WiiPad? Well, that thing supposedly will serve more of a purpose than just to give your forearms a workout while you play your will also double-down as a full-fledged e-reader.

According to Forget The Box [via GI], one of the writers knows a guy who's with a group that was approached by Nintendo who allegedly wants to help them port over specific iOS software applications to work compatibly with the Wii U's touchpad or WiiPad.

Now this is all rumor and it's pretty much rumor news on the basis of a guy who knew a guy who knows some people...and well, we all know how much veracity that has. Anyways, purportedly Nintendo wants to use the WiiPad as an alternative e-reader device that will enable gamers to download booklets, tip sheets, walkthroughs and official guides through an online digital service.

What's more is that Forget the Box further claims that their source says the new service from Nintendo will extend outside of the Wii U and its portable pad. Supposedly, anyone with a 3DS will also be able to access comic books, magazines, newspapers, guides, e-text, et al, from the digital distribution service that will ultimately allow users to turn their 3DS or WiiPad into a digital e-reader.

The rumor spreads a little bit further, alleging that Nintendo also plans to offer up services for Virtual Console users, enabling them to download old booklets for just about every game in the Virtual Console library. Gamers would then be able to scour through the little booklets for their digital games using the Wii U's WiiPad.

How likely is this to actually become a reality? Who knows. With Nintendo just about anything is possible and they really are the only gaming manufacture to push boundaries where everyone else sees a dead end. I wouldn't be surprised if the rumors about the Wii U supporting e-reader services turned out to be true.

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