Every now and then, all you really need in life is a good group of friends and a game that will allow you to join together in an effort to blast genetically modified creatures into tiny pieces while working to overthrow an evil corporation. That’s pretty much the gist of things in Scourge: Outbreak, the multiplayer shooter that is now available on Steam for PC and Mac.

Whether you’re buying the game solo, as a four-pack for you and your friends or in a bundle that includes a digital art book, soundtrack and more, Scourge: Outbreak should scratch the itch of anyone looking to team up with some friends and mow down wave after wave of enemy threats. Coming from Tragnarion Studios, Scourge: Outbreak is “a futuristic squad-based third person shooter,” according to the official Steam launch announcement, offering four-player cooperative play or eight-player PvP modes, including deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag.

One of the things that sets Scourge apart from the pack is that each player taking part in a cooperative game will experience unique narrative elements, giving players plenty of reason to dive back in and experience the sci-fi action tale from different perspectives.

As for the multiplayer mentioned above, the action is carried out across five unique maps and, better still, Scourge allows for cross-platform play, allowing PC and Mac gamers to team up or go to war no matter which rig they’re running on.

If, however, you would rather tuck in for the campaign, you’ll be taking on the role of one of Echo Squad’s four playable characters, each with their own stats, gear and special “Ambrosia” abilities.

“Blast your way through Nogari’s futuristic research facilities as you battle hordes of genetically resurrected monsters and die-hard special forces in search of a dangerous secret that Nogari is keeping from the world,” reads the rundown from Tragnarion. “Whether you’re taking on Nogari with your friends or fighting alongside your Clan in spectacular online PvP battles, Scourge: Outbreak offers hours of fun and exciting challenges.”

A four-pack of the game will set you back $24.99, while a solo “Ambrosia Bundle,” including the game, one DLC pack, an art book and the soundtrack, will be available for $8.99. There are several other DLC packs available, and the core game alone can be had for $7.99. Further details can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

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