Get your virtual tackle boxes ready, because Rising Star Games Inc. has announced that Super Black Bass 3D will be angling its way to North American 3DS systems on April 2.

There was a time when all a man needed to keep himself entertained was a fishing pole and a quiet pond. Then video games came along and ruined everything, what with their loud-mouthed plumbers, rocket-powered hedgehogs and Callings of the Duties.

Thankfully, somewhere along the line fishing games hit games consoles, bringing the peaceful tranquility of an afternoon spent fishing to gamers everywhere. No guns. No AI partners using up all of your resources. No need to save a princess. Just you, a fishing game, and a controller that does its best to approximate an actual fishing pole.

Come April, Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to take their fishing game experience into a new dimension as Super Black Bass 3D hits store shelves. According to a press release from Rising Star, this latest iteration of the long-running franchise will boast “a host of exciting new features and gameplay modes...that are designed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.”

There are more than 30 types of fish to catch through various locations and weather conditions, all set in a 3D environment. The game also uses a “Real Rod System” that takes advantage of the 3DS motion sensor and gyroscope for casting. Basically, you'll flick your hands like you would with a real rod to cast and set the hook, so you might want to keep that 3DS wrist strap locked on good and tight.

Super Black Bass 3D will feature a tournament and free play mode, as well as upgradeable fishing gear and leaderboards.

Look for portable fishing to hit the 3DS on April 2.

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