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Nintendo revealed three more announcement trailers for new character skins in Super Mario Maker. The most recent costume announcements include Birdo and Excitebike, with Captain Toad being announced last week.

Word of the new skins trailers comes from IGN, while the Captain Toad costume was announced in a Tweet last week before Christmas by Nintendo Of Europe. You can view the announcement trailer for the Captain Toad costume below.

The Super Mario character, Birdo, first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2 as an enemy. Birdo is one of the other skins that was announced by Nintendo. You can view the announcement trailer below.

If you are unfamiliar with who—or what—Excitebike is, you’re in for a treat. Excitebike was actually a motocross game made by Nintendo back in 1985. The player took control of a person on a dirt bike and then attempted to race on a track. The track had a number of different variations, a lot of it depending on how the jumps were situated on the track. You can view the announcement trailer for the Excitebike skin below.

Super Mario Maker is a Super Mario Bros. game that allows players to create their own levels for other players to play from around the world. It’s basically the Nintendo equivalent to Little Big Planet on PlayStation. Levels can vary greatly in difficulty and the creativity in creating the levels is endless.

Even though Nintendo Of Europe announced the two costumes would be available on December 31, details still haven’t been given on a release for other territories.