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It’s taken a bit longer than expected, but Nintendo is finally gearing up to release Mewtwo as the first DLC character for the popular brawling game, Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and 3DS. But that’s not all. Nintendo has also announced a second DLC character is inbound, as well as a poll for players to vote on who they would like to see added into the game at a later date.

During yesterday’s Ninendo Direct, it was announced the Pokemon’s Mewtwo would finally be making his way into Super Smash Bros. Originally promised as a bonus for folks who purchased both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game, Mewtwo will also be available for purchase for all comers willing to part with a few extra bucks.

Mewtwo is scheduled to join the Smash cast on April 28, setting you back $3.99 for an individual console or $4.99 to unlock him on both the Wii U and 3DS. As mentioned above, anyone who owned and registered both versions of the game by March 31 will be able to simply download Mewtwo when he becomes available.

Nintendo also announced a software update for Smash Bros. will become available on April 15, giving players the option to purchase in-game DLC. In case that didn’t make it clear enough that additional DLC characters are planned, Nintendo went ahead and surprised everyone with the announcement of yet another new character, Mother 3’s Lucas.

The sequel to a series (or single game, sadly) here in the States known as Earthbound, Lucas actually appeared in previous Smash games as one of those infamous “barely more than a pallet swap” characters. Based on what was shown off during Nintendo’s presser yesterday, though, it looks like the youngster is packing some new and interesting moves for this latest romp.

Lucas is expected to arrive sometime in June.

Finally, to help cement the fact that Nintendo is planning even more brawlers for Smash, they went on to announce that a special ballot has been created for folks to cast their vote for which characters they’d like to see added to the game. Rather than a list of options, you’re able to name any character, their respective game, as well as why you think they should be added to the list.

I’m guessing that Nintendo is more likely to bring in first party characters due to ease of licensing and whatnot but, who knows, maybe they’ll be open to some third party characters if there’s enough demand. You can fill out the survey by clicking right here and, in case you need some suggestions, I’ve got them right here for you.

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