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Smosh Games released a “Smash Rap” that celebrates Mega Man. Why Mega Man? Because once you figure out how to play him in Super Smash Bros. you'll become an unstoppable menace. Check out the video below.

It's very similar to the Epic Rap Battles of History, where two characters go head-to-head battling it out in rhymes and lyrical limericks to humiliate and destroy the opposition.

The video above focuses on Mega Man tearing through the competition while talking about the drawbacks and downsides to the characters. The Samus one was probably one of the more honest summations of why people actually pick Zero Suit Samus – I mean, it's not because they think her gun looks really cool, right?

The next one that kind of nails it on the head would be Mario – it's true most people don't pick him when it comes to the competitive level of play. But from there it kind of devolves into Mario's inability to keep Princess Peach safe, as well as dick jokes about Mario and Luigi.

Probably the funniest and most over-the-top showdown was with the Villager from Animal Crossing. You just didn't see it coming... and the whole thing was almost as creepy as Five Nights At Freddy's. The lyrics combined with the element of this kid pantomiming the act of carving up Mega Man with the knives was just insane... and I loved it.

As far as characters go on the Super Smash Bros. roster... Mega Man is actually a pretty big wild card. His alternate costumes with alternate special and defensive abilities makes him a difficult character to counter.

Majority of Mega Man's abilities rely on him keeping his distance and peppering opponents with his pea-shooter. His charge-up attack can also dispense a moderate measure of damage if opponents aren't careful, the only drawback is that the charge attack barely travels half the screen.

A lot of the blue bomber's attacks are also designed to keep him at a distance. He doesn't have any traditional melee combos like the other characters and must be played as a melee-rendition of his platforming self. It seems kind of odd but it actually fits the nature of the Super Smash Bros. combat environment.

Some players have expressed how “annoying” it is fighting against Mega Man in the game because once you master how to ledge-guard and keep opponents from getting close to you, essentially you can chip away at their health while taking very little damage.

It's nice to see that Capcom finally let Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. because it's probably one of the best iterations of the legendary hero from the old era of the side-scrolling platformers, and we all know that we probably won't be getting any decent Mega Man games any time soon... unless you count the Mega Man endless runner as a good game.

You can check out more game-related videos over on Smosh Games' YouTube channel

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