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Nintendo released the opening cinematic for Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U ahead of the late November launch, showing off some of the gameplay along with some CG sequences of key characters looking clean and pristine on Nintendo's latest console.

VG 24/7 spotted the new video that clocks in just under two minutes. The video is a collage of various snippets from the game, showcasing some of the new playable characters such as Mega Man, Pac-Man and Little Mac, as well as some of the all new Smash abilities, bosses and some of the brand new modes for players to take on.

I think Mega Man and Little Mac are two of the more exciting new characters just because their play-styles are kind of enticing. Mega Man appears to feature a lot of his classic side-scrolling moves, complete with his pellet-sized blaster projectiles and wall-sliding. He was also one of the fan-favorites during the Nintendo Smash Invitational that took place over the course of E3 this past year.

Little Mac was another one of those characters that fans really got excited to see in action given that he doesn't quite have the mobility of other characters, but he's able to lay down some mean combos. He was a real joy to watch during the invitational and I imagine at Evo and other Smash Bros. tournaments he would likely become both a competitor and spectator favorite.

Some of the other new characters includes Robin and Palutena. Speaking of the latter, there's already a leaked bit of the conversations that Palutena has with various characters throughout the game, similar to Super Smash Bros. Brawl's codec messages. You can check out all of Palutena's easter egg conversations with different characters throughout the game, courtesy of the 35 minute video below from YouTube user GameXplain.

I can definitely say that Super Smash Bros. is easily one of the more anticipated titles due to launch this fall.

What the Wii U lacks in raw horsepower the console makes up for it good and well with a very distinct cache of high-quality first-party releases. I think it adds a serious, alternative appeal to the Wii U as opposed to what's being offered on the Xbox One and PS4 at the moment.

The PS4 still seems like the all-around, do-it-all eighth-gen console, but I think the Wii U gives it a good run for its money on the exclusive software front. The Xbox One could be considered a serious competitor if it gets more (and better) exclusives and begins to offer gameplay experiences you can't get anywhere else. Over the long haul I think that eighth-gen gaming will be very interesting for all three console manufacturers.

You can look for Super Smash Bros. to release on the Wii U starting November 21st.

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