Table Top Racing Speeds Onto Vita This Spring With New Trailer

What do you get when former Wipeout developers come together to make a new game? The answer, of course, is another intriguing racer. It's called Table Top Racing, and it's careening onto the PlayStation Vita later this spring.

It's unfortunate, but one of Sony's pillar exclusive series, Wipeout apparently just wasn't cutting it for this new generation of consoles, despite the fact that the latest PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions of the game were utterly fantastic, offering insane hover racing through courses that rewarded sharp memories and sharper reflexes.

I was bummed a couple of years ago when it was announced that Studio Liverpool was being disbanded, especially when rumor was going around that they were working on a new Wipeout game. But all is not lost, I suppose, as Playrise Digital, consisting of many of those former devs, has partnered with indie publisher Ripstone in order to bring portable gamers a brand new racing experience later this year.

Mobile fans have likely already heard of Table Top Racing, as it has earned awards and countless fans on smartphones across the world. Now the game is coming to Sony's handheld, and it's aiming to be better than ever.

Table Top Racing is a fast and furious miniaturized combat racing game that pits all manner of crazy cars and automobiles against each other,” reads a statement from Playrise. “Welcome to a world of table top race tracks, over-sized obstacles and insane power-ups.”

To date, more than 3.7 gamers have downloaded Table Top Racing for the mobile platform on both iTunes and GooglePlay. The developers are promising several improvements in the upcoming Vita game, including new accelerator and brake controls, shiny new graphics, more responsive handling and “unique use of the rear touch pad.”

As for what you can expect out of the game when it arrives this spring, let's take a look at the numbers. There will be four-player online racing across eight tracks in 17 upgradable cars. Six gameplay modes include Hot-Lap, Speed Trial, Combat, Pure Race, Pursuit and, one of my favorites from Wipeout, Eliminator. Thee are nine power-ups to use against your fellow racers and more than 30 special events to take part in.

“The cars are bonkers, the competition fierce and the action relentless,” continues to official Vita announcement. “This is powered up micro racing at its best.”

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.