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Teen Killed His Mom Because She Took Away Call Of Duty

A 13-year-old going by the name of Noah Crooks is on trial for attempted rape and the actual murder of his now deceased 37-year-old mother. Yes, a child attempted to rape, and actually did kill, his own mother because he flipped out after she took away Call of Duty, a game rated 'M' for Mature and appropriate only for those 17 years of age and older. The reason she took away the game? Well, it was all because he was getting bad grades in school and spending too much time with Call of Duty. This news comes shortly on the heels of Activision's announcement for Call of Duty: Ghosts, due out this holiday season.

Daily Mail (and don't forget to run anti-virus after) has a detailed report on the incident that involves the kid from Osage, Iowa laying waste to his own mother with a .22 caliber rifle. The crazy part about it? It was his rifle, given to him on his 11th birthday as a gift...from his mother. An internet full of facepalms wouldn't do this story any sort of justice as a reaction to the outcome.

According to Noah Crooks, who is now 14, says he doesn't know why he did it. He was actually the one who dialed 911 and called the police after shooting and killing his mother after failing to follow through with raping her.

Crooks' defense attorney is citing a temporary case of insanity that washed over the child, and Noah himself told 911 operators that he must have some form of ADD (i.e,. Attention Deficit Disorder), saying...

'I feel crazy and I know I'm not. I think I have some form of ADD,' Crooks told the 911 operator. 'I tried to rape her. I tried to rape her but I couldn't do it.'Who tries to rape their own mom? My life is down the drain now.'

Noah's father, 41-year-old William Crooks, is said to be quite the gun advocate.

Police found Gretchen Crooks, Noah's mother, laid out on the couch with her pajama top unbuttoned and “naked from the waist down” with multiple gunshot wounds to the upper torso, as reported by the UK's Daily Mail.

Police also reported that there was no history of domestic violence reports, and following the timeline of events on the family's Facebook page, things seemed normal.

A lot of UK and Australian residents are baffled as to why kids in the US of A have such easy access to firearms and as the news spreads, it's likely blame of Activision's violent first-person shooter, Call of Duty, may come into play. However, this seems less likely a debate about violent shooter games and a lot more of a telling story about gun control and kids having access to deadly firearms.

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