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With virtual reality being the talk of the town all over the web, the one thing that a lot of people have been questioning is whether or not certain platforms are compatible with certain devices, and whether or not certain software will work with certain headsets. Well, Sony could be exploring making the PS VR more PC compatible in the near future.

Polygon combined information from several sources across the web to compile a brief, comprehensive breakdown on Sony's plans for the future of the PlayStation VR. According to Sony Computer Entertainment's executive vice president, Masayasu Ito, it's possible for the PS VR to support PC platforms – specifically Windows – at some point in the future. They mention that it could happen “later in its lifespan”.

There's really no telling what “later” means or what kind of connotative time-frame we're looking at. It could be anywhere from a few months into release, all the way to a few years from now, or possibly even the next generation of PlayStation console. There's really no telling exactly what “later” means.

It's hinted at that due to the x86 architecture of the PS4 that it wouldn't be too difficult to bring the PS VR to PC due to sharing some internal parts with the PS4. The console runs a Jaguar APU based on off-the-shelf tech from AMD, which is why porting from PC to PS4 or from PS4 to PC is so much easier this generation as opposed to porting from PC to PS3. In fact, back in the seventh gen developers would port from Xbox 360 to PS3 and then from Xbox 360 to PC to make the transition easier. Going from PS3 to PC was a real challenge due to the PS3's multiple SPEs built around the Cell.

Of course, there's the discussion of why people would consider using the PlayStation VR on PC and the most obvious answer is the price. The PlayStation VR is only going to launch for $399.99. It's so much cheaper than the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, but provides a similar tech to match the viewing experience of its more expensive siblings.

Part of the reason why the PlayStation VR is so cheap is because it handles positional tracking using the PlayStation Camera. Now here's where it gets tricky: even if Sony decides to support the PS VR on PC, would PC gamers have to buy the PlayStation Camera or would they be allowed to supplement that experience with their own third-party camera?

In all likelihood Sony would probably prefer it if PC gamers bought a PlayStation Camera and the accompanying PlayStation Move controllers to maximize on the PlayStation brand sales if they did decide to support the PS VR on PC.

It is possible to get everything you need to experience VR on the PS4 by pre-ordering the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle, which comes with two Move wands, the PlayStation Camera, all of the necessary power cables, and the PlayStation VR headset, all for $500.

The question is: would Sony really put a potential console-selling peripheral on PC? And the other question is: would PC gamers forgo the Rift, Vive and Gear VR to pick up a PlayStation VR headset to fulfill their VR needs?

We won't know for sure until that day arrives, but meanwhile Sony is expecting to ship at least 2 million SKUs this holiday season when they launch the PS VR.

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