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A new list of the top 10 Game Gear games worth playing on the Nintendo 3DS was released, but in all fairness one has to question which Game Gear games would really be worth seeing on the 3DS if the average Joe had the opportunity to pick?

Pocketful of Megabytes is continuing on with their Top 10 lists featuring a number of games past and present from the extensive libraries of other handhelds and sub-platforms that would be worth seeing on the Nintendo 3DS’ eShop service.

With the massive potential of the Nintendo 3DS capable of shaping a whole new era of handheld interactivity, which Game Gear games would you be interested in seeing featured in full autostereoscopic 3D?

If you need a little help getting your ideas in the right direction feel free to check out the full top 10 list of Game Gear games worth seeing on the Nintendo 3DS over at Pocketful of Megabytes.

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