In a few days, Telltale Games will wrap up the first season of their adventure game inspired by The Walking Dead. Episode Five, "No Time Left" will be arriving on consoles, PC/Mac and iOS next week.

The Walking Dead game, which made its debut this spring, introduced us to Lee Everett. He was being transported to prison when the zombie apocalypse began. In the confusion, he was freed. The game follows him as he struggles to survive the zombie onslaught.

The game, at its core, is a point-and-click adventure. Players investigate the environment and solve puzzles using items they collect. However, Walking Dead combines traditional adventure gameplay with combat and branching storylines. Players will need to make a series of hard decisions that could result in the death of their companions.

"No Time Left" will arrive on PSN in North America on November 20th. The Xbox Live, PC, Mac, and European PSN launch is slated for the following day. Compatible iOS devices will get it on the 21st as well. The iOS release dates have typically lagged behind other platforms but it's nice to see that Telltale will let mobile gamers enjoy the season finale at the same time as everyone else.

Thus far Walking Dead has only been available digitally. However, in December, Telltale will release boxed copies of Season One on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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