This week Telltale Games will be continuing their episodic adventure game based on The Walking Dead. Episode Two: Starving For Help will be debut on Xbox 360 tomorrow.

PC and PS3 owners will need to wait until Friday, June 29th for Episode Two. These release dates apply to almost all territories. The new episode is still undated for the PS3 in Europe.

Walking Dead: The Game stars Lee Everett, a convincted murderer. In the first episode, he was unexpectedly free as the zombie outbreak swept through the country. He banded together with a small group of survivors for safety. The second episode picks up three months later, with the group running low on food. There are five episodes planned in total.

The game is similar to a point-and-click adventure, with a few key differences. You won't just be peacefully solving puzzles; you have to fight off zombies and make life-or-death decisions. For example, you may have to choose to save one survivor or another. Your decisions will have both short-term and long-term effects.

The first episode of Dead was released in April. Within a matter of weeks, the game sold one million copies. Dead's commercial success, I'm happy to say, was very well-deserved.

Each individual episode of Walking Dead costs $4.99 to download. PC owners can't buy separate episodes, though, and will need to pay $25 to get the Season Pass.

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