Today Telltale Games released the first part of their episodic adventure game The Walking Dead. Dead, based on the comics books of the same name, is now available for download on PSN, PC, and Mac.

The first episode, "A New Day," introduces us to hero Lee Everett. Everett is a convict who is unexpectedly freed during a zombie outbreak. In order to survive, he'll have to make hard decisions that could send other survivors to their death.

The game takes place in the same area of the United States as the comics and television show. Players will meet characters and locations seen in these other works. Much of the story is brand new, though - this isn't some simple prequel.

"Telltale has managed to adapt the traditional adventure game model to perfectly fit the subject matter. If you’re a fan of the show or the comics, this game will satisfy your hunger for another tale in the Dead universe," we said in our review of Episode 1.

The first episode costs $4.99 to purchase on PS3. The Xbox 360 version, said to be coming "very soon," will cost 400 MS Points. PC and Mac owners will have to buy a $25 Season Pass that gives you access to all five episodes as they're released. An iOS version is coming this summer, but it's not immediately clear whether you'll be able to buy episodes individually on that platform.

The launch trailer, which provides an overview of the episode's storyline, is below.

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