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Telltale Games has finally announced a release date for The Walking Dead: Michonne utilizing the ancient art of “teaser trailer.” We get a brief look at the upcoming adventure game in action and, yep, even a release date.

“Not everyone is worth saving.” Those are some pretty powerful words from Michonne herself, which helps set the mood for what players can expect out of this miniseries event.

According to the trailer, we've only got a couple more weeks to wait before diving into Michonne's back story, with the game set to release on PlayStation platforms, Xbox Platforms, Mac and PC on Feb. 23.

In case you're new to the series and are wondering what all of the fuss is about over this Michonne character, she's a katana-wielding badass who has a couple of zombies as pets. Okay, so maybe they're to help keep the rest of the undead out of Michonne's hair, but it's hard not to think of them as minions when she's walking them around the countryside on leashes.

In case the word miniseries hasn't sunk in yet, it looks like this latest offering from Telltale will only be three episodes long, rather than the traditional five we've seen in both seasons of The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderland, The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones.

We're not too surprised to see the shortened runtime, as Telltale certainly has a full plate at this point. They're working on sequels to some of those games listed above, not to mention a game set in the Batman universe and more.

However, that shortened schedule comes with a smaller price point, too. You'll be able to snag the entire Michonne story for just $14.99. Also, there's no mystery as to when the rest of the series will launch. “In Too Deep,” the first chapter, arrives on Feb. 23, as stated above. “Give No Shelter” will drop sometime in March, with “What We Deserve” arriving in April. You'll be able to pay that $15 price point up front for episode one, with remaining episodes getting added in as they become available.

With “In Too Deep,” we're introduced to Michonne as she and a small crew sail a ship around the coast in search of supplies and survivors. Honestly, that seems like a pretty solid way of life given the current undead status of the majority of humanity. When they're lured to shore by a distress signal and fine the scene of a terrible massacre, however, things go south very, very quickly.

If we know anything about Telltale, as proven by The Walking Dead and several of the other games in their stable, they know how to pack a mean punch. Expect to experience some feels when Michonne goes on her solo adventure come February 23.