Three whole minutes of glitches... that's what you get with the video above. It's a hilarious montage of collected clips from the glitches in EA Sports UFC that have become popularized on YouTube. With some parody commentary to match the action on-screen, it's no wonder that the video is going viral in all sorts of awesome ways.

The video was put together from YouTube user Tommy Toe Hold and it doesn't actually feature the real-life voices of UFC commentators Joe Rogan or Mike Goldberg, but instead features parody voice-overs of the iconic MMA commentary duo.

Tommy does a fine job in his description of boldly making sure everyone knows that the video is done for satirical purposes and that there's no copyright infringement intended and basically yelling at the top of his lungs not to be taken to court or receive a copyright strike for trying to make an entertaining video. YouTube and all its infringement barricades really makes it difficult for just anyone to post up something funny or entertaining if they aren't part of a network affiliate. But hey, that's just how things are when corporations stand at the control center of society.

Anyway, the video itself is pretty funny, even if you're not into MMA. The straight-laced remarks from the fake Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are absolutely hilarious. I mean, it's the simple fact that the lines are delivered in such stoney-faced monotony and conviction that makes it so enjoyable because we all know that majority of that stuff would cause people to (viewers and officials alike) to absolutely flip out if they saw any of that stuff taking place within the octagon.

The glitches in EA Sports UFC aren't anything special, though. You'll find glitches like this in just about every single game out there (except for maybe Nintendo titles... it's hard finding these kind of glitches in Nintendo games). Even still, the combination of the game's high-end visuals compared with the ridiculous fighter glitches makes the whole thing worth a lot more than when these sort of things used to happen in past titles. I mean, recent WWE games have been rife with glitches galore, one of the most famous video is this one here of WWE 2K14.

I imagine that game glitches may become a lot more notorious and gut-wrenching as the graphics continue to move closer toward the uncanny valley and the technology begins to offer us more photo-realistic characters. The less realistic the game looks the more we expect and scoff at silly glitches, but the better a game looks and the more advanced it is, the more hilarious the glitches... just like EA Sports UFC.

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