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Watch This Gamer Propose To His Girlfriend Through Super Mario Maker

While many folks are using Mario Maker to craft recreations of existing game worlds or perhaps death traps from which there is no possible escape, one creative Nintendo fan decided to use the build-it-yourself Wii U game to craft a wedding proposal for his girlfriend.

The above video popped up on YouTube recently, with user Retro Shanerator explaining, quite simply, that he proposed to his girlfriend in Mario Maker. For those of you unfamiliar with the Wii U game, think LittleBigPlanet wearing a Mario Bros. hat. You can use bits and pieces from just about every Mario game imaginable, as well as switch the aesthetics to all of those various iterations of the Mario world on the fly.

So rather than propose to his special-lady-friend on his own, Shanerator decided to let his video game do the heavy lifting. For that reason alone, I can't really argue with his comment in the video's description, “geeks do it better.”

It's a really sweet moment and, of course, she says yes. There are a couple of problems here, though. Nowhere in the proposal is Shanerator's name included. In other words, Pam just said yes to a proposal from Mario Maker or, at the very least, the Wii U. By verbal contract, she's now engaged to one of those two entities, not Shanerator. Secondly, if everything I just said is untrue (and as a gaming lawyer, I assure you it is accurate), the creator goes on to post the code for his level, which just so happens to be 7A61-0000-0245-8DEB. If anyone downloaded that level, played it and said the word “yes,” then Shanerator is now engaged to them as well. It's a messy legal situation that I'm sure was unintentional, and we'll be sure to update you once we know how things pan out.

All goofing aside, we couldn't be happier for these folks. It's also neat that Shanerator used something he's passionate about, videogames, to kick off the next big chapter in his life. Also, you know Pam's a keeper because she doesn't seem to mind the fact that she'll have to tell everybody, “Yeah, he proposed to me through Super Mario Bros.

While there's a bit of trolling going on in the comments, most of the messages are full of support. What's super neat is that this little piece of gaming history is getting lots of attention, as Ellen DeGeneres recently shared it with the world, too. That might also help explain the nearly 450,000 views its received at this point.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.