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The folks at Level-5 sure are staying busy these days, releasing a new game on the 3DS eShop this past week, Inazuma Eleven, discounting a whole bunch of their other titled on Nintendo's portable console and gearing up to release yet another title this week in the form of a rhythm/crafting game, Weapon Shop de Omasse.

Discussed during last week's Nintendo Direct, Inazuma Eleven was announced for a US eShop launch last year, appeared to have been canceled, and was then released as a big surprise for portable gamers looking for a unique RPG experience. The Inazuma series has already reached seven iterations in Japan, five of which have already made it to Europe since its original launch in 2004. The series, which mixes soccer with RPG elements, never made it to the US, though an updated 3DS version of the DS original was said to be heading this way.

Coming completely out of left field, Inazuma Eleven finally arrived on the US eShop last week for 20 bucks. To celebrate, other Level-5 games were also hit with a huge discount. Collectively, these games were known as the Guild Series, and include titles like Liberation Maiden, Attack of the Friday Monsters and Bugs vs. Tanks. Each game was bite-sized and led by a well-known director, giving some of gaming's most creative minds a chance to craft a passion project on a much smaller scale. Now all of those games can be picked up for $2.99 a pop, a savings of about 60 percent in most cases, and can be found directly on the 3DS eShop under their own promotional heading.

While you're in the eShop and considering an Inazuma Eleven purchase, you can also kill some time with a random dose of anime goodness. Three episodes of the Inazuma series are available free of charge, ready to be watched at the click of a button.

And, finally, there's Weapon Shop de Omasse, the one title from the Guild series that, until now, has never made it to the States. It'll be arriving later this week on the eShop for $7.99 and, just like all of the other Guild titles, it offers a lighter, wholly unique experience you can't really find anywhere else.

This time around, the new Guild game is actually headed up by a famous Japanese comedian, Yoshiyuki Hirai, which probably explains why the game is reported to have such a comedic slant. Apparently, Hirai's first dream was to become a game creator, which is what he's finally had the opportunity to do with Weapon Shop de Omasse.

Weapon Shop de Omasse's story centers around a peculiar weapon shop within a legendary RPG,” reads a statement from Level-5. “RPG shopkeepers live out their lives in obscurity: unnoticed operatives behind the scenes, tirelessly supporting the game's heroes on their quests.”

The player takes on the role of a young apprentice who must learn the craft of making weapons for a wide assortment of heroes. Their success in this world depends on your skills as a blacksmith, thus earning notoriety and fortune for your shop.

If that sounds like a good time, then you can finally pick up Weapon Shop de Omasse on Feb. 20 for the 3DS.

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