Weekly Nintendo: Nobunaga's Ambition, Etc.

The Virtual Console game is usually the highlight of the weekly Nintendo update and this week is no exception. VC will be getting Super Nintendo strategy game Nobunaga's Ambition. DSiWare and WiiWare, meanwhile, will be getting their usual batch of weirdness.


  • Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics (500 DSi Points): "Clubhouse Games comes to Nintendo DSiWare with a collection of five fun card games in Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics. Play familiar favorites like Blackjack and Five Card Draw, or test your ability in the fast-paced Last Card, Last Card Plus and President. DS Download Play allows players to host as many as seven friends."
  • Paper Airplane Chase (200 Nintendo DSi Points): "In Paper Airplane Chase, glide your virtual paper plane through an increasingly tricky slalom course. Take it slow in Endless mode or zip through several Time Attack courses. The two-player Race mode allows friends to race each other using a single Nintendo DSi system.."


  • Cocoto Platform Jumper (700 Wii Points): "A long time ago in a faraway land, strange little creatures lived in the depths of Abyss. Cocoto, his little devil friends and the mysterious Fairy protect the secret of the magma — the source of their power — in a magic cauldron. Meanwhile, Zaron, the god of lightning who lusts after this force, is up to something. He can count on the rulers of the other kingdoms that Cocoto must cross. The tragic kidnapping of Shiny, Baggy and Neuro has left Cocoto alone to watch over the cauldron. Refusing to leave his friends, he will set out to find them with Fairy."

Virtual Console

  • Nobunaga's Ambition (800 Wii Points): "Nobunaga's Ambition is a game set in Japan's Warring States period, a turbulent age when feudal warlords battled for control of the country. As the ruler of a fief, the player chooses his or her own path to conquest: Will you wage war on your neighbors or rely on diplomacy? Use economic sanctions or send ninja assassins? Use all of your ingenuity and resources to unite Japan under your banner."
Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.