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There are a lot of burning questions about the Nintendo DSi: Is it worth the higher price tag? What games will use the built-in cameras? Nintendo has just answered a slightly less burning question: what does the "i" in "DSi" stand for?

GoNintendo posed the question to a Nintendo rep, who responded that there's actually two reasons for the name: "The 'i' is symbolic of the subject 'I' and its personal aspect. Plus, the addition of two cameras gives the system its own 'eye' on things." The "DS" part of the name, in case you're wondering, stands for "Developer's System" and "Dual Screen."

This is the company that sold 44 million units (and counting) of a console named "Wii" so it really didn't matter what they called the DSi. It'll launch well even if it's called the Nintendo DS MadeFromOrphanBones. The DSi will launch in Australia on April 2nd, Europe on April 3rd, and North America on April 5th.