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A lot of gamers (well, those who are actually gamers who still own a Wii) that the Wii doesn’t have the full functionality and support that should. This is especially considering that standard-fare options like movie-playback and DVD support should be a standard these days. Well, there are now options for increasing the functionality of the Wii for playing movies and storing other media with the new Wii Media Manager and Transfer Kit.

A leading accessories developer for gaming products, Blaze, has announced that their Wii Media Transfer Kit is now available for purchase. The kit comes with all the necessary tools for transferring data over into MJpeg formats for Wii readability and playback on TV. Included with the kit is a Lexar 1GB SD memory card and reader. Nice, eh?

But the kit doesn’t end with just transferring options and a 1GB SD card. Wii owners can use the kit to transfer over photos, back-up their Wii files, or load in music files. Yeah, so technically this device enables users to do with their Wii what Xbox 360 and PS3 owners could do right out of the box. How’s that for “next generation” gaming?

You can learn more about the kit or read up on the info by visiting the Official Blaze Website. A full list of the features are below. Remember to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news, updates and info regarding all things gaming.

• MOVIES - PC and DVD movies*
• Convert PC movie files to MJPEG format for Wii playback! Transfer the movie files onto your SD card, then watch them on your big-screen TV.
• Formats include (VOB)*, MKV, Xvid, DivX, MPEG 1, M1P, MPEG 2, TS, M2P, WMV, ASF, MP4 and AVI formats.*Non copy protected DVDs ONLY.
• MUSIC - CDs and digital music files
• CD to MP3: Import music CDs and convert to MP3, with auto album, artist and track naming.
• Play MP3s along with your slideshows!
• IMAGES - Photos and digital images
• Manage JPEG photo and image files to create the best slideshows on your Wii!
• CHEAT SAVES - Includes Virtual Console Functions
• Download cheat saves for the best selling Wii games, N64, SNES and NES Virtual Console games from www.xploder.net. Download, upload, backup, delete and edit game descriptions and save valuable space on your SD card! Upload your best Wii, N64, SNES and NES gamesaves to the Xploder online Community Database to share them with others! Backup Virtual Console games - Copy your Virtual Console games from the Wii to SD card; save space on your Wii and store a back-up safely on the PC.